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is there a real estate bubble at the beach?

By William Blackburn

First half of 2014: Madeira Beach and "The Redingtons" residential real estate.

Please see the enclosed report -- highlights are summarized below. (report found here[PDF])

After...Read More

Price Reduced! - 18320 Gulf Blvd

By William Blackburn

Price reduced to $324,900!

It's late Friday afternoon. You're pulling into the parking lot of this wonderful 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom fully furnished beach condo and thinking about all the...Read More

Beach sellers cannot afford to wait

By William Blackburn

Watch out sellers! There are more and more properties for sale...the condos are selling but the single family homes are bringing WAY below original offering price. The reason for this is what Jennie calls "magical thinking". After our 2008 Crash and our 2010 Gulf Oil Spill Crash at the beach....huge percentage gains were made from that post crash level. Sellers have...Read More

My Job Is To Find The Right Buyer

By Jennie Blackburn

In my experience, every property has a unique buyer. How exciting to witness a buyer's passion, knowing they found the right home! They must have it. It is just perfect. It was worth the wait and they forget all the others.

Your home is no exception!

My Job Is To Find That Right Buyer

There are reasons why listings don't se...Read More

Real Estate Review - 2013

By Jennie Blackburn

Hard to believe this, but it's been almost 10 years since the old trailer park was demolished on the 25 acres that would become today's Redington Shores Yacht & Tennis Club. At the end of 2013, things are looking up for property owners in this popular beach community.

Prices are  that sold in the low to mid $300k range in 2010 are se...Read More

Upscale Gated Beach Community

By William Blackburn

Redington Shores Yacht and Tennis Club, a model for the future on the Tampa Bay Beaches Barrier Islands.

Almost 10 years ago, a 25-acre trailer park was torn down to be replaced with what was long overdue in the Tampa Bay Beaches real estate market -- a brand new residential neighborhood. This new develop...Read More

Fire Citizens Homeowners Insurance And Forget FEMA Flood Insurance

By William Blackburn

Private flood insurance is and should be cheaper.

How much cheaper?

In December 8th's Tampa Bay Times newspaper there is a headline story: "$44,000 for flood insurance?". The story includes an interview with the recent purchasers of a waterfront property near the beach in Seminole, F...Read More

Finding Florida: The Next Big Land Rush

By Jennie Blackburn

Conditions are making Florida ripe for another Land Rush.

Demand for waterfront property at or near the beach is changing rapidly. Prior to the increase in flood insurance premiums, buyers were looking for smaller, r...Read More

November 2013 Real Estate Report For Tampa Bay Beaches

By Jennie Blackburn

The market at the beach continues to shift from a "sellers" to a "buyers" market. There is no bell that rings when this change occurs, you have to follow the data and you don't need much of that to know the shift. One needs to keep an eye on the properties for sale and the number sold each month.

The absolute bottom in supply was the month of June 2...Read More

If you are thinking of selling your Tampa Bay Beach property soon.....Don't delay.

By William Blackburn

Real estate prices, like everything else, is about shifting supply and demand. In real estate supply is represented by sellers and demand is represented by buyers.

I will use the "mid-Tampa Bay Beaches" to illustrate the overall beach market. These central beach communities are representative of the overall beach market here.

Going back 5...Read More

Furnishing A Beach Property On A Budget

By Jennie Blackburn

Whether you own a beach cottage or vacation condo or you just like to feel as though you're living at the beach every day -- we thought you might like to know that the entire stock of coastal cottage furniture company, Palmetto Creek, has been consigned to The Missing Piece, the upscale furniture consignment store. There are pub tables, stools, headboa...Read More

Black Swan Lands at The Beach

By Jennie Blackburn

The Gentrification of Tampa Bay's Beaches

We have long predicted that beach communities would experience what happened in South Tampa -- the process of gentrification. New Floridians fell in love with South Tampa's history, convenience to business districts & shopping, towering oak trees & excellent schools but were frustrated by the selection of small, ...Read More

Madeira Beach Condo - 14900 Gulf Blvd 308 Madeira Beach FL 33708

By Jennie Blackburn

Stepping inside this condo feels like stepping into a page from "Coastal Living" magazine. It is beautifully furnished & trimmed, but the best decoration in this unit? The Bright Blue Ocean!! At the end of the day, enjoy an ice cold beverage from your private balcony while watching the sun dissolve into the ocean. Hold hands with that special someone while you stroll do...Read More

The Best Beaches In Florida - The Best Beaches In Tampa

By William Blackburn

You might think all of the beaches in Florida are the same when in fact they are not. The Gulf Coast of Pinellas County offers a unique beach going experience. The shallow, sandy waters leading up to the shoreline allow a gentle push of waves to crash at the break point. This creates the best circumstances for swimming, jet-skiing, boating and f...Read More

Realtors Are Smiling Again

By Jennie Blackburn

    "In some ways, it looks like the time machine has sent us back to 2006. Home prices are rising by the double digits in some areas; home builders are scrounging for workers to replenish depleted inventory; and there are even some old-fashioned bidding wars again.

Home prices statewide have been rising 1...Read More

Florida Homeowner Finds Dead Men Buried In Yard

By Jennie Blackburn

"Where are the dead men buried?"

We were standing in the back yard of a waterfront single family home in Florida's Treasure Island. My buyer was addressing the listing Realtor. I could see confusion morph to anxiety as the agent wondered if this house had been the site of a mass murder or if it were built on a pirate grave...Read More

It's A Contract, Yo!

By Jennie Blackburn

I was working with a buyer who wanted to make an offer on one of the houses we saw. It had been on the market a while, but the sellers had just dropped the price and, with inventories in this market shrinking, I knew it wouldn't last long. We had to act quickly while protecting ourselves against a bidding war, so we made on offer that expired at noon th...Read More

Three Tips To Make Sure Your Property Appraises For The

By Jennie Blackburn

"What if it doesn't appraise?"

I get this question a lot these days from sellers and buyers of Florida residential property because homes & condos are frequently appraising for less than the offer price.

Does this mean that Florida home buyers are paying too much? Or that homes are over...Read More

3 Ls and Cs Of Real Estate

By Jennie Blackburn

Nope. I'm not talking about "location, location, location."

Only one of the L's is "location". And it's the most important of the three because you can't move a house after you've bought it. Unless you're the HULK, but who wants to live next to that guy? Location means different things to different buyers: a short commute to...Read More

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